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The Electricianz


Offbeat, unapologetic and backed by the highest quality standards of the Swiss watchmaking industry


Brand Philosophy

THE ELECTRICIANZ empower curious, audacious and inventive individuals who transcend their energy into projects, creativity and life.

The Electricianz embody a strong desire for creativity

Firmly anchored in Swiss watchmaking know-how, The Electricianz pride themselves in crafting innovative products with an offbeat design, backed by rigorous quality standards.

Revealing the unseen

Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and underground cultures, The Electricianz original design makes the watches’ inner mechanism, powered by electricity, visible.

Fierce Originality

By bringing to the market fierce, original, elegant and reliable watches, we hope to federate a worldwide community of “volt-lovers”: curious individuals drawn to a highly energetic, urban and positively creative life, with a pinch of self-derision. We hope you're one of us!